“Succession” & “Ted Lasso”: Final Seasons Reviewed

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The other night, while breaking matzoh with some folks, we eventually got around to chatting about TV series we watch.

And telling each other about ones they had never heard of but “had to watch.”

No matter apparently to one of my pals that he and I have totally different tastes.

Soon enough the discussion got around to a a couple of national faves, both in their final season.


“Ted Lasso.”

What do I think of the last go round of the former on HBO and the latter on Apple TV+?

Listen below and find out.

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History of World Part II

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For some of us, Mel Brooks has been a national treasure.

(I actually had a conversation the other day with a friend, who has never found Brooks especially funny. Go figure. Well, to each his/her own, I suppose.)

Frankly, he should be heralded if only for the fact he stole Anne Bancroft’s heart at first blush. Mrs. Robinson. You go, dude.

Anyway, even though he’s 95, the fellow who got his start as a writer on the iconic Show of Shows from the early days of black & white TV in the 50s is back.

There’s an 8 part Hulu series, a sequel to an earlier Brooks work. It is “History of the World Part II.”

Here Brooks has help from 15 or so other writers with the sketch comedy.

Does it work?

Ah, for that, listen to my podcast below:

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“Hello Tomorrow”: Review Podcast

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How odd is this new Apple TV+ series featuring Billy Crudup?


Such that I spent a bit more time explaining or trying to explain it in the podcast below.

Crudup leads a band of traveling salespeople town to town in a marvelous to look at retro futuristic 50s.

What are they selling?

Places to purchase to live on the  . . . moon.

Not a bad premise, but . . .

. . . after watching the first four episodes, I’m not sure what the point here really is.

It’s incredible to look at, worth a peek just for that.

As for the rest, uh, listen up.

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“Reboot”: TV Series Review/ Podcast

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A sitcom about the reboot of a sitcom.

What we essentially have here is human interaction, father/daughter relationship issues, and the reincarnation of an old sitcom now streaming and edgier.

Along with original cast members dealing with old issues and current character traits.

Starring Keegan-Michael Key, Judy Greer, Paul Reisert and the most fascinating of all, Johnny Knoxville.

Go figure.

Funny . . . at times, but also nuanced and worth checking out.

It’s called “Reboot” and it is to be found on Hulu.

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“South Park”: TV Review Podcast

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Oh I am going to catch oh so very much grief for this.

Why on earth would I be heralding the iconic TV series “South Park” a quarter century after its inception, as if it were this new wonder?

Because — mea culpa maxima — I never really knew.

Because of a recent change in my workout routine and venue, I’ve started watching episodes while on the elliptical in the mornings. Some of which have had me laughing so hard I almost fell off. Literally. Others at the JCC Fitness Center walking by look at me, like what’s with this guy, shvitzing like a pig on a spit, laughing uproariously.

Honest. I just never paid attention. My extreme bad.

It is profane, politically incorrect, full with the vilest humor and . . .. brilliant.

Who knew?

Well, duh, most of you I suppose.

Anyway, for a recital of the episodes that have sucked me in, listen to my podcast below:

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“The Old Man”: Film Review Podcast

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It seems that thirty years ago, CIA agent Dan Chase (Jeff Bridges) went rogue on an operation in Afghanistan.

His superior Harold Harper (John Lithgow), now with the FBI, got drawn into the situation.

It did not go well, or so we learn. But has been swept under the carpet.

Now it’s back, and Chase is being hunted down for termination with extreme prejudice. Why we do not exactly know, at least after two episodes.

Harper is again in the middle of things.

So goes this intriguing new mini-series, “The Old Man,” available on FX and Hulu.

For more reasons why you might choose to watch, listen to my podcast below.

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“Slow Horses”: Review Podcast

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There are times when a singular aspect of a movie or TV series makes it all worthwhile.

Even though this six-part Apple TV+ series about MI5 spy agency is most engaging and watchable, the performance of Gary Oldman takes it to another level.

He’s the head of Slough House, where, for one reason or another, the agency has parked agents who have messed up or the powers in charge just want out of HQ.

Oldman’s character is a drunk.

He smokes too many cigarettes.

He is flatulent.

He constantly denigrates those who work with him.

But he’s a most astute operative, and I, for one, couldn’t get enough of him. It’s a master class in acting.

For more on “Slow Horses,” listen to my podcast below.

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“Severance”: Film Review Podcast

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There are oh so many folks who wish they couldn’t think about work when they are out in real life.

And others, who become so immersed at the office or factory, they can’t conjure their after work existence.

So, what if that happened, you know, literally?

When at work, you have no knowledge whatsoever of life outside. And vice versa. Though you are aware such separate existences exist within you.

That is the underlying premise of “Severance,” an Apple TV+ series that’s completed S1, with another on the way sometime in the future.

To be a worker bee at the mysterious, cultish Lumon Corporation, you must get that severed chip implanted.

Weirdness happens.

This is a chilling, but truly compelling streaming series.

For significantly more info about it, listen to my podcast below:

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“Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”: Film Review Podcast

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I love little diversions.

Something I can watch in less than a half hour.

Something that entertains.

Funny helps.

Illuminating adds value.

Top o’ that heap: The Jerry Seinfeld joint: “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

It’s not always comics he has a cup and nosh with.

As you can see from the photo, he also did one with the president. They couldn’t drive off the White House property.

For more info about this boffo series, listen to my podcast below:

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“Inventing Anna”: Film Review Podcast

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Oh how I adore a zesty scam tale.

Especially when it really happened.

So, I took a deep dive into the Netflix mini-series, “Inventing Anna.”

Which is about the fascinating scam perpetrated by a twentysomehing Russian woman, who move to NYC, passing herself off as a German heiress.

Her alleged plan was to build some sort of art foundation/ chi chi private club/ hotel complex in an iconic NYC building.

A lot of people fell prey to Anna Sorokin’s manipulations. Such that she ended up convicted of several counts of fraud, and ended up in prison.

For further details about the series, and why you should watch, listen to my podcast below:

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“Clickbait”: Film Review Podcast

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There I went. Getting sucked in again to a streaming series on Netflix.

It’s past bedtime. I know, but, OK, one more.

It’s way way way past bedtime. Really, Chuck, just one more then I’ll hit the hay.

“Clickbait” is an eight part series on Netflix. Which I powerwatched in less than 48 hours.

Not that it’s the greatest thing since “The Wire.” But, because I have the time. And it’s more than reasonably compelling and well done, somewhat uniquely.

A well liked physical therapist for a volleyball team doesn’t show up for work.

Then a video of him being held captive lands on the interweb. He’s holding a sign that says, “At 5 Million Views I Die.”

A frantic search for the fellow, and his captors ensues.

Of course, the video goes viral, soon surpassing that number.

Eight episodes, more than a few McGuffins later, and we find out what happened to him, if anything — This is a no spoiler zone — and who is responsible.

My podcast/ review actually contains significantly more information. You can listen below:

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“Street Gang How We Got to Sesame Street”: Film Review Podcast

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There are not many television shows as iconic, long lasting, and, frankly, important as “Sesame Street.”

Actually none that I can think of off the top of my head.

It was seriously revolutionary for its time. And since.

The merger of education and entertainment for adolescents. The alphabet. Numbers. Words. Plus the importance of accepting everybody as they are. Including oneself.

This HBO documentary reveals the origins and personalities that turned this treasure into an American staple.

Since I was in my 20s when the they show started, and didn’t have any kids, it was but peripheral for me. But, even with that, its importance resonated.

I saw “Street Gang How We Got to Sesame Street” on HBO. Which means it’s also available to stream on HBO Max, and On Demand, etc. Plus it can be streamed a few other places.

For more info on the documentary, and what I thought of it, listen to my podcast below:

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