“Something from Tiffany’s”: Film Review Podcast

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So, this upcoming cyclone bomb might just skew for a couple of days the family plans to head out to the cineplex to catch a mindless movie.

So, here’s the antidote. Which you can enjoy without having to scrape ice off the windshield, dressing like Ralphie’s little brother, or navigate the dangerous streets.

“Something From Tiffany’s.” Streaming on Amazon Prime.

It is an oh so predictable yet enjoyable and easy to watch romantic comedy set in glossy NYC during the holiday season.

Zoey Deutch and Kendrick Simpson star. They have chemistry.

For more about what to expect from this feel good offering, listen to my podcast below:

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“Incredible But True”: Film Review Podcast

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This indeed small (74 minute) French film “Incredible But True” — available at Amazon Prime — is described also as “quirky.”

Which it oh so much is.

Alain Chabat and Leá Drucker portray a couple looking for a new house.

The one they purchase has a surprising characteristic.

There’s a portal in the basement. When one climbs down it, they end up on the second floor of the house and it’s twelve hours later.

OK, but, uh, that’s not all. There’s another thing that happens.

Tsk, tsk, no spoilers here.

Which may be revealed in my more incisive podcast review below.

Or not.

Listen and find out.

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“Enola Holmes 2”: Film Review Podcast

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Remember how much I loved the 2020 release which introduced us to Millie Bobby Brown as Sherlock’s similarly astute younger sis, Enola.

Well, she’s back, having opened her own detective agency.

This sequel is just as engaging as the original.

A worker in a match factory goes missing. Her adolescent younger sister gets Enola to help find her.

Two hours of mystery, chicanery, detecting, romance and delightful entertainment ensue.

“Enola Holmes 2” can be streamed on Netflix.

For more details, listen to my podcast below.

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“Causeway”: Film Review Podcast

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How wonderful it is to be able to again watch Louisville’s favorite actor Jennifer Lawrence in something new.

Where she is featured for her acting chops, not her star power.

The movie is titled “Causeway,” and is available to stream on Apple TV+.

Lawrence plays Lynsey, traumatized while abroad serving in the military, who must return home to New Orleans after rehab.

It is not her happy place.

She develops a relationship with a body shop owner portrayed by Bryan Tyree Henry, who is also suffering psychologically from a tribulation of consequence in his life.

Their scenes together makes it all worthwhile.

For more, listen to my podcast below.

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“The Gunfigher”: Film Review Podcast

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Because of my fascination with Margaret Qualley — she played the Manson girl Brad Pitt keeps running into in “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” — that I watched and Amazon Prime offering titled “My Salinger Year.”

A sweet if eventually unremarkable film based on a memoir.

But, as I sat down to knock out my review, a pal sent me a link to a really clever and very very funny nine minute short on youtube.

It starts out with the classic old western trope of a gunslinger walking into a saloon, where a couple of brothers are ready to shoot him down. Nick Offerman does voice over narration.

Things take a turn.

To significant comedic effect.

Such is the easy access I’m not boring you with a podcasted review, which you probably would not have listened to anyway. I am simply including the link to the movie.

You can watch it here.

— c d kaplan

“Louis Armstrong’s Black & Blues”: Film Review Podcast

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There are many transcendent artists, regardless of medium, who are misunderstood. And arguably under-appreciated by many for their influence and importance.

Louis Armstrong — Satchmo — is certainly among them.

The life of this trumpet genius, and how the world reacted to him, are well documented in this Apple TV+ film by Sacha Jenkins.

Much of it in Armstrong’s own words, since he taped many of his interviews and conversations. And was a serious letter writer.

The documentary includes enough of Satchmo’s sublime music to sate.

And it is revelatory in providing context of how his private life and thoughts were different than his public persona.

For more on the film, listen to my podcast below.

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“Reboot”: TV Series Review/ Podcast

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A sitcom about the reboot of a sitcom.

What we essentially have here is human interaction, father/daughter relationship issues, and the reincarnation of an old sitcom now streaming and edgier.

Along with original cast members dealing with old issues and current character traits.

Starring Keegan-Michael Key, Judy Greer, Paul Reisert and the most fascinating of all, Johnny Knoxville.

Go figure.

Funny . . . at times, but also nuanced and worth checking out.

It’s called “Reboot” and it is to be found on Hulu.

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“South Park”: TV Review Podcast

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Oh I am going to catch oh so very much grief for this.

Why on earth would I be heralding the iconic TV series “South Park” a quarter century after its inception, as if it were this new wonder?

Because — mea culpa maxima — I never really knew.

Because of a recent change in my workout routine and venue, I’ve started watching episodes while on the elliptical in the mornings. Some of which have had me laughing so hard I almost fell off. Literally. Others at the JCC Fitness Center walking by look at me, like what’s with this guy, shvitzing like a pig on a spit, laughing uproariously.

Honest. I just never paid attention. My extreme bad.

It is profane, politically incorrect, full with the vilest humor and . . .. brilliant.

Who knew?

Well, duh, most of you I suppose.

Anyway, for a recital of the episodes that have sucked me in, listen to my podcast below:

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“The Great Gatsby” (1974): Film Review Podcast

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I’ve always revered F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great American Novel of the 20th C, “The Great Gatsby.”

Such that it’s always sitting out, so I can pick it up from time, read a few pages, and relish the author’s masterful prose.

This week, for the first time since college, I read in its entirety, cover to cover. The definitive version from the author’s intended final manuscript.

After which, I felt compelled to go back and rewatch the 1974 cinematic ideation featuring Robert Redford, Mia Farrow, Bruce Dern and Sam Waterston.

I am disinclined to compare a movie to its source material, but felt compelled to do so in this instance.

Listen below to understand why:

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“The Old Man”: Film Review Podcast

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It seems that thirty years ago, CIA agent Dan Chase (Jeff Bridges) went rogue on an operation in Afghanistan.

His superior Harold Harper (John Lithgow), now with the FBI, got drawn into the situation.

It did not go well, or so we learn. But has been swept under the carpet.

Now it’s back, and Chase is being hunted down for termination with extreme prejudice. Why we do not exactly know, at least after two episodes.

Harper is again in the middle of things.

So goes this intriguing new mini-series, “The Old Man,” available on FX and Hulu.

For more reasons why you might choose to watch, listen to my podcast below.

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“Clickbait”: Film Review Podcast

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There I went. Getting sucked in again to a streaming series on Netflix.

It’s past bedtime. I know, but, OK, one more.

It’s way way way past bedtime. Really, Chuck, just one more then I’ll hit the hay.

“Clickbait” is an eight part series on Netflix. Which I powerwatched in less than 48 hours.

Not that it’s the greatest thing since “The Wire.” But, because I have the time. And it’s more than reasonably compelling and well done, somewhat uniquely.

A well liked physical therapist for a volleyball team doesn’t show up for work.

Then a video of him being held captive lands on the interweb. He’s holding a sign that says, “At 5 Million Views I Die.”

A frantic search for the fellow, and his captors ensues.

Of course, the video goes viral, soon surpassing that number.

Eight episodes, more than a few McGuffins later, and we find out what happened to him, if anything — This is a no spoiler zone — and who is responsible.

My podcast/ review actually contains significantly more information. You can listen below:

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“Hemingway”: Film Review Podcast

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15th July 1944: American writer and war correspondent Ernest Hemingway (1899 – 1961). Original Publication: Picture Post – 1748 – Hemingway Looks At The War In Europe – pub. 1944 (Photo by Kurt Hutton/Picture Post/Getty Images)

Such was the stature of Nobel Prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway in the 20th C, that the publication of his novels became must read events.

At least, among the literati.

Such is the stature of Ken Burns & Company, that the airing of a new documentary series on PBS is a must watch event.

And, now they’ve merged.

Now streaming at pbs.org, after airing Monday through Wednesday on PBS, is “Hemingway.”

The six hour, three part series, produced and directed by Lynn Novick and Burns, written by Geoffrey C. Wad, and and narrated as usual by Peter Coyote, delves into the interesting life and ways of Papa Hemingway.

Whatever you might think of Hemingway personally, or his writing, the tale is fascinating, well worth the watch.

For more insight, details and observations, including a few complaints, listen to my podcast below.

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