Sliders by the Light of Day

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For many, no actually for most, supping at White Castle with the sun high in the sky is an alien concept.

And that’s among those who would deign to darken the doors of the Porcelain Palace at all. For much of the populace, the eatery and its sublime offerings are an anathema to be scorned prior to investigation.

Silly them, Castles are actually tasty, not just fast. There’s something about how the bun and burger and cheese, all steamed, meld together that’s unique. And how just being in the place brings back memories of simpler, more carefree times.

Anyway, I found myself savoring a couple of cheese sliders and some rings mid afternoon, and realized there are some similarities to the normal middle of the night had a few too many and are on the way home but aren’t quite ready to hit the pillow yet experience shared by many. Read the rest of this entry »

The Spyglass Chronicles: 8/16/16

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“Affordable Shotguns Planned at Broadway, Baxter” Courier-Journal Headline. Geez, just what we need another gun shop. A discount one at that. Or, so I thought when reading that not so clear — to me, anyway — headline in the C-J. I thought it was referring to the next biz in the long vacant gas station/ convenience store there at that corner. Turns out it referred to “shotgun houses,” that were being turned over to Preservation Louisville Inc. by the developers of the new housing project. Guess the NRA and its acolytes have made me a little gun shy.

Margherita Pizza, Birracibo. Artisanal, my ass. Crafted by a hack is more like it. No subtlety whatsoever. Wimpy dough. (Would be a travesty to call it crust.) “Pomodoro” sauce that tasted like Chef Boyardee himself was in the kitchen. Overwhelmed with glops upon glops of tasteless cheese. So wet I almost asked our very attentive waitress for a mop during one of her many visits to the table. It’s what I get for suggesting to my pals we try out the new “Italian” place in Fourth Street Live. Never again.

“Bo Diddley” Bo Diddley. It reverberates through the speakers as mysterious and messianic as it did more than a half century ago. Read the rest of this entry »

My Life with Pizza

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pizzaindexThe names ring authentic.

Luvisi’s. Calendrino’s. Lentini’s.

Somewhere among that triumvirate, I was introduced to what has come to be my go to favorite food.


When people ask me what’s my favorite meal in any of all the truly excellent restaurants in Louisville, I advise, “Impellizzeri’s pizza.”

Ah, but today, this food has become Americanized and ubiquitous. And branded. You can get it at places called the Pizza Teepee, Pieology, etc, etc.

My favorite disorientation in this regard was a diner in Shediac, New Brunswick called the Hub Grill. At least the place was so called in the summer of ’70, when some hippie pals and I breakfasted there after tripping on the beach all night.

On the back of the Guest Check, it read, “Hub Grill. We specialize in Elmer’s Pizza.”

Never met Elmer. Was he one of the Fudds? Never tasted his pie. But the disconcerting juxtaposition of the name Elmer and the idea of his pizza being a specialty has never left.

What it does reveal is that long after you didn’t have to be Italian to appreciate this delicacy first made in Naples, you apparently didn’t have to be Italian to make it right.

But it helps. Read the rest of this entry »