History of World Part II

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For some of us, Mel Brooks has been a national treasure.

(I actually had a conversation the other day with a friend, who has never found Brooks especially funny. Go figure. Well, to each his/her own, I suppose.)

Frankly, he should be heralded if only for the fact he stole Anne Bancroft’s heart at first blush. Mrs. Robinson. You go, dude.

Anyway, even though he’s 95, the fellow who got his start as a writer on the iconic Show of Shows from the early days of black & white TV in the 50s is back.

There’s an 8 part Hulu series, a sequel to an earlier Brooks work. It is “History of the World Part II.”

Here Brooks has help from 15 or so other writers with the sketch comedy.

Does it work?

Ah, for that, listen to my podcast below:

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