“The Gunfigher”: Film Review Podcast

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Because of my fascination with Margaret Qualley — she played the Manson girl Brad Pitt keeps running into in “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” — that I watched and Amazon Prime offering titled “My Salinger Year.”

A sweet if eventually unremarkable film based on a memoir.

But, as I sat down to knock out my review, a pal sent me a link to a really clever and very very funny nine minute short on youtube.

It starts out with the classic old western trope of a gunslinger walking into a saloon, where a couple of brothers are ready to shoot him down. Nick Offerman does voice over narration.

Things take a turn.

To significant comedic effect.

Such is the easy access I’m not boring you with a podcasted review, which you probably would not have listened to anyway. I am simply including the link to the movie.

You can watch it here.

— c d kaplan

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