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We chatted about it last week, but shall do so again. Since it is germane.

Acting, really fine acting, can make a movie worthwhile.

It’s not that this week’s consideration, “The Outfit” on Amazon Prime, is not a watch for you to consider.

It’s just that Mark Rylance’s performance as an English ex pat crafter of bespoke suits in mid 50s Chicago makes it more so.

Turns out his first customer years before the action in the film was the neighborhood mob boss. Rylance’s shop, where the entire film is set, is a drop off spot for said boss’s worker bees to bring in the enveloped rake from a numbers racket.

One night the calm of the movie’s sublime opening is shattered.

The Boss’s son shows up having been shot in the stomach in an ambush by the rival gang.

Turns out there’s a rat somewhere in the system.

And a tape.

And FBI involvement.

And the mysterious involvement of Rylance’s at first seemingly innocent assistant, portrayed by Zoey Deutch.

A ratcheting up of action comes about. Along with the normal expository revelations about the characters that is always attendant is these mysteries.

For more details, listen to my podcast below:

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