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Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap” is famously the longest continuously running play ever.

It opened in 1952 at London’s West End, and is still going.

This funny, reasonably clever movie is an homage to Ms. Christie.

It is centered around a murder that happens at a party celebrating the play’s 100th performance.

Sam Rockwell is Detective Stoppard, in charge of tracking down the culprit.

He is marvelous as usual, but the movie is stolen by the oh so delicious performance of Saoirse Ronan as Inspector Stalker, his sidekick.

The flick tracks a familiar Christie-ish plotline, right down to all the suspects gathered in the same room at the end when the culprit is finally revealed.

Tis an entertaining bit of cinema, worth a trip to the movie house, if only to savor Ronan’s brilliantly deadpan performance.

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