“Man With A Movie Camera”: Film Review Podcast

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Well, the joke certainly was on me.

Full with hubris when it comes to, well, knowledge of most anything, especially classic, important films, I thought I knew ’em all.

Which was obviously never the case, and still isn’t, though there is now one more classic bit of cinema on my resumé.

“Man With A Movie Camera” is a Russian documentary, made in 1929 by Dziga Vertov.

It is, a recent study has stated, the most taught bit of cinema in film study classes in colleges across the land.

Not only had I never seen it, I had never heard of it.

Fortunately it is available for free on youtube, and for a few bucks at Amazon Prime. Being the frugal sort, I chose the former to savor its 66 seriously groundbreaking minutes.

For reasons why I believe it would be worthwhile for you to check out, listen to my podcast below:

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One Comment on ““Man With A Movie Camera”: Film Review Podcast”

  1. 1 Michael Lindenberger said at 12:57 pm on September 16th, 2022:

    Chuck — great podcast. I love the sound of your voice, and it comes with such a genial erudition!

    Bravo. Now, I need to go track down this 1929 doc.

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