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There are times when the sacrifices made to provide you, my loyal readers/ listeners, with complete and authoritative reviews of the latest movies/ TV series is a perilous task.

When I am forced by professional and ethical responsibility to endure cinematic art which could be seriously perilous to my health and well being.

Or worse.

One of those occasions occurred on Thursday September 8, 2022, a 24 hour period that shall, in my universe, live in infamy.

For reasons, set out fully below in my podcast — Which, if you have never heeded my warnings before to listen to, you must this time — I experienced the entire 96 minutes of “Wire Room” on Amazon Prime.

This is to advise I feel blessed to be here this the following morning, all faculties and motor coordination reasonably intact, to report on said effort of filmmaking.

I shall say no more.

To the following podcast, You Must Listen.

Caveat Emptor.

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— c d kaplan

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