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Who knew what the future would bring for Jordan Peele, when he was teaming with Keegen-Michael Key for those incredibly funny and perceptive comedy sketches?

Not me.

Turns out that writer/ director Peele is making arguably the most interesting American movies these days.

His latest “Nope” is way more than the flying saucer/ Sci Fi flick that is its base.

Starring Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer, this insightful, frankly spectacular epic is about a brother/ sister experience. While paying its respects to the origin of moving pictures, early rock & roll, 50s-ish silly TV sitcoms and cheesy roadside attractions.

And, much more, including what would matter most in contemporary life, were the world to actually be invaded by aliens.

Upon reflection, all the diverse elements of “Nope” seem to pretty much fit together.

It’s funny, mysterious, intelligent and incredibly well filmed.

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