“Severance”: Film Review Podcast

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There are oh so many folks who wish they couldn’t think about work when they are out in real life.

And others, who become so immersed at the office or factory, they can’t conjure their after work existence.

So, what if that happened, you know, literally?

When at work, you have no knowledge whatsoever of life outside. And vice versa. Though you are aware such separate existences exist within you.

That is the underlying premise of “Severance,” an Apple TV+ series that’s completed S1, with another on the way sometime in the future.

To be a worker bee at the mysterious, cultish Lumon Corporation, you must get that severed chip implanted.

Weirdness happens.

This is a chilling, but truly compelling streaming series.

For significantly more info about it, listen to my podcast below:

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