Diversion Tip: NYT Short Film of the Day

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Who among us, in these oh so strange and perilous times, isn’t looking for some little way to escape?

If only for a moment or two.

I mean really, how much hard news can a person take?

If you’re looking for live sports, there’s Korean baseball, played in front of empty stands, but the fascination grows old quickly.

Netflix. Prime. Hulu. Criterion.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But there come times during the day when you just want a quick shot, a respite from real life concerns, a mask free interlude, and move on.

So here’s one I discovered that fills that bill, the New York Times Short Film of the Day.

 * * * * *

Some examples.

Today’s (Thursday 5/07) is a clever Oscar nominated confection that’s less than two minutes long.

Yesterday’s was a smile-inducing bit of shtick from mid 20th C.

A couple more for your viewing pleasure:

Borscht Belt vs. Harlem Globetrotters. On black and white TV. So so very very silly, but I couldn’t stop smiling at the schmaltz:

Some are a bit more serious. A lot of them are musical.

And then there’s the clip of the cultural zenith that was the Soul Train dance line to “Love Train.”

Hit it Don Cornelius.

Anyway, you can savor them all at the link in the lede above.

— c d kaplan

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