Le Brer (in A. Miner)

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The header is not a misspell. Read on.

I live in a part of my hometown where everybody seems to be interconnected, where there are not a lot of degrees of separation. Where your cousin is likely to work with your neighbor’s uncle. The mother of your daughter’s current BF went to the junior prom 25 years ago with your boss’s brother. A former fellow bandmate of your Louisville contractor teaches guitar to your former fraternity brother. In New Orleans.

That kind of stuff.

An educated area, yet when asked what school one attended, the intention is to learn what high school, not college.

I’ve often joked that on my deathbed, two people will walk in together and provide the final tie in to everyone I’ve known.

I am used to connectivity.

So, I look for links in my life.

 * * * * *

I am a huge music fan.

Rock & Roll.

I’m full with it, my history with it. I can tell you exactly where I was when I first heard “Walk Don’t Run.” What acts were on the bill at the first concert I attended. “Biggest Show of Stars.” On July 29, 1961.

I’ve often mused whether I’d have made it as I have to double sevens without tuneage to provide a necessary soundtrack along the way. Read the rest of this entry »

“Inventing Anna”: Film Review Podcast

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Oh how I adore a zesty scam tale.

Especially when it really happened.

So, I took a deep dive into the Netflix mini-series, “Inventing Anna.”

Which is about the fascinating scam perpetrated by a twentysomehing Russian woman, who move to NYC, passing herself off as a German heiress.

Her alleged plan was to build some sort of art foundation/ chi chi private club/ hotel complex in an iconic NYC building.

A lot of people fell prey to Anna Sorokin’s manipulations. Such that she ended up convicted of several counts of fraud, and ended up in prison.

For further details about the series, and why you should watch, listen to my podcast below:

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“Pass The Ball”: Film Review Podcast

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Here’s the oh so unique deal with this week’s film.

My podcast is twice as long as the two minute thirty eight second animation, “Pass The Ball.”

Since I’ve never really reviewed a film this short, it’s gotta be pretty cool, right? Have a great back story, yes?



Hint: It was created by forty animators from countries around the world, and took over three years to complete.


I sure hope so.

Click here to watch the video.

But listen to podcast below first to find out why:

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— c d kaplan

“On The Rocks”: Film Review/ Podcast

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They have collaborated before.

To some effect.

And, here they go again.

Talking about director Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray.

This time Rashida Jones is the younger woman paired with Murray.

Jones plays Murray’s daughter. She is married to Marlon Wayans, and has a couple oh so so so cute movie kids.

She is getting hints that hubby might be cheating on her.

Dad’s a smidge overbearing, and gets involved.

The other character is glossy NYC, in the land of the well off and artistic.

For more info, and the extent of my pleasure with this film (streaming at Apple TV+), listen to the incisive podcast below:

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“tick, tick . . . Boom”: Film Review Podcast

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Rare is the film, given my obsessiveness and time in front of the screen, that I see a film knowing nothing about it.

Yet, such was the case with this bio movie musical starring Andrew Garfield, who has justifiably been nominated for a Best Actor statuette.

Here he portrays the sadly departed Jonathon Larson, the creator of “Rent,” which those really in the know believe to have been groundbreaking musical theater.

The unbelievably well-edited movie is directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, for whom Larson was an idol of sorts.

“tick, tick . . . Boom” is full of energy from the start.

I was mesmerized.

For more reasons why I highly recommend this movie, listen to my podcast below:

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“Greener Pastures”: Film Review Podcast

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So my main purpose here is to hip you to the annual Louisville Jewish Film Festival, which is, thank you Omicron for better or worse, virtual again this year.

Meaning you can view these intriguing films in the comfort of your own home. So, that’s cool.

Which Dov, the centerpiece of “Greener Pastures,” cannot do, because he’s living in a retirement community, after his pension fund went belly up, and he has no money to buy back his home, which he desperately desires to do.

Then he hatches a plot to sell marijuana, available sorta easily to seniors in Israel, and earn the moolah necessary.

Of course, impediments present themselves as the plan unfolds.

You can learn all the details about the festival itself by clicking on this link.

You can learn more details about “Greener Pastures” by listening to my podcast below:

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“Wild Rose”: Film Review Podcast

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Rose-Lynn (Marvelous Jessie Buckley) spent a year in jail.

Which didn’t diminish in the least her desire to move to Nashville, and become a country music star. She’s got a great voice, but . . .

. . . she lives in Glasgow, Scotland.

. . . she has two kids, who have been living with her disapproving mother (Julie Waters).

. . . her irresponsibility keeps getting in her way.

It’s a story that could have been really trite, but thanks to Nicole Taylor’s screenplay, Tom Harper’s direction, and especially the performance of up and comer supreme Ms. Buckley, this small film really works.

For more info, listen to my podcast below:

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“Clickbait”: Film Review Podcast

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There I went. Getting sucked in again to a streaming series on Netflix.

It’s past bedtime. I know, but, OK, one more.

It’s way way way past bedtime. Really, Chuck, just one more then I’ll hit the hay.

“Clickbait” is an eight part series on Netflix. Which I powerwatched in less than 48 hours.

Not that it’s the greatest thing since “The Wire.” But, because I have the time. And it’s more than reasonably compelling and well done, somewhat uniquely.

A well liked physical therapist for a volleyball team doesn’t show up for work.

Then a video of him being held captive lands on the interweb. He’s holding a sign that says, “At 5 Million Views I Die.”

A frantic search for the fellow, and his captors ensues.

Of course, the video goes viral, soon surpassing that number.

Eight episodes, more than a few McGuffins later, and we find out what happened to him, if anything — This is a no spoiler zone — and who is responsible.

My podcast/ review actually contains significantly more information. You can listen below:

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“Belfast”: Film Review Podcast

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It is not unusual for folks visiting the neighborhood of their adolescence to conjure up visions from that time.

Memories sweet and sour.

Play pals. Incidents. Arguments. Ball games. First kiss.

The spot where you played pitch and catch with your dad. The grandfather of a buddy who had the coldest glass of water you ever tasted.

If you’re a filmmaker with the leverage of Kenneth Branagh, you get to make a film about it.

“Belfast” is the story, told mostly in black and white, of his neighborhood in 1969, at the beginning of the Protestant vs. Catholic turmoil.

For more insight, and my take on the movie, which is beloved by many, listen to the podcast below.

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“The Lost Daughter”: Film Review Podcast

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I am an admirer of Maggie Gyllenhaal’s acting.

Even more so perhaps, the bold and courageous choices she’s made throughout her career in the films and part she chooses.

“Secretary” and “42d Street” immediately come to mind. But there are others.

So, I am not surprised in her first foray into the director/ screenwriter’s chair, she would choose difficult, disturbing subject matter.

“The Lost Daughter,” streaming on Netflix, takes a look at motherhood and careers, sometime out of balance. How choices have to be made by good women, good mothers, caring women, feeling a compulsion to escape.

The movie features Olivia Coleman as Leda, a fortysomething professor on solo vacation in the Greek Isles. Looking for solitude. That is shattered by visions from her mothering past instigated by her interaction with a younger woman, struggling with motherhood. (Dakota Johnson)

In flashbacks, star on the rise Jesse Buckley plays Leda, trying to cope with her two adolescent daughters, and a burgeoning academic career.

For more info and insight on this excellent adult drama, listen to my podcast below.

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“Don’t Look Up”: Film Review Podcast

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OK, no reason to mince words.

This film was a major disappointment.

Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Leo DeCaprio, who are excellent actually despite what they’ve been given to work with, it’s about the discovery of a comet that’s certain to doom earth. Like extinctionn of dinosauer stuff.

And what happens when the duo tries to warn authorities and the populace.

It’s written and directed by Adam McKay, who seriously misses the mark.

I have a theory as to the major conceptual flaw that the endeavor suffers.

To learn more details about the movie and this adroit observation of mine, you’ll need to listen to the podcast below.

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— c d kaplan

“Office Christmas Party”: Film Review Podcast

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Hear me now and believe me later.

“Office Christmas Party” is really silly.

And, kind of stupid.

But, one guy’s opinion, it’s really funny.

And, it is my favorite holiday movie of the moment.

I saw it years ago in the theater. Smiled most all of the way through. Ran across it on cable last week. And it’s playing right now on FX, this Monday night before Christmas.

I remained bemused as I recorded my more informative podcast review, which you can listen to below. Continuing to feel the same as I write this tease of a review.

If you don’t come across it on a cable channel, you can stream it at Amazon Prime.

For more details on “Office Christmas Party,” oh you know the drift, listen below:

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