Today’s Lesson Learned: 01.12.09

Posted: January 12th, 2009 | Filed under: Today's Lesson Learned | 1 Comment »

I’ve been meaning to start this little exercise for awhile. Sharing what life lessons I learn each day. Not that we learn something worthwhile and new every day, but most 24 hours add something to our experience. So I’m going to pass them along.

Today’s Lesson: If there’s some really sweet piece of music on the radio when your radio sounds at wake up time in the morning, there’s a better chance for it to be a serene day. (Of course you must wake up to music not some braying alarm.) Of which I was reminded when Tony Williams and the Platters gorgeous rendition of “My Prayer” awakened me this a.m. I was able to linger, savor the song, then arise with a smile on my face, conscious of the love in my heart for the Film Babe and my great group of friends and my gratitude for yet another day.

— c d k