Drinking a Mounds Bar: Coping With Today

Posted: May 19th, 2020 | Filed under: Coping Today | No Comments »

First in a series of musings about life changes big and small our new reality has wrought. 

Fashioning a drink that tastes like a candy bar was not something I’d considered when this whole staying at home thing was covid-forced upon us.

And I’ll get to how I came to a satisfying if strange concoction of sorts soon enough.

Getting there is somewhat serpentine. My default way.

Being a fellow with daily rituals, long held habitual behavior, and someone fairly comfortable with my own company, coping with our new reality has likely been less onerous for me than most.

Which isn’t to say, I’d love do lunch, head to the moviehouse and the ballpark, and, you know, interact up close and personal with other human beings.

Anyway, like most, I’ve developed some new methods of coping with the required insular lifestyle this pandemic has caused. Read the rest of this entry »