“Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent: Review/ Podcast

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So, Nick Cage, he’s like a thing, right?

Because of his over the top acting style and other stuff, he’s more than an actor. A cultural icon, or, at least curiosity.

So it would seem.

He’s won an Oscar. He’s been in a 109 films. He’s made some bold choices in his portrayals, daring even.

Some hit. Some have you walking out of the theater, scratching your head. Even before the movie’s over perhaps.

He’s a flashpoint for aesthetic colloquy.

Now, he plays himself, along with his alter ego Sailer Ripley, his character in “Wild at Heart,” in what is either an astute bit of self deprecation, or vanity in the extreme.

Way more the former, I’d opine.

In “Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,” you get all Nick Cage all the time.

It’s pretty danged funny. Astute. Often a brilliant send up of the movie industry.

For more on the movie, listen to my podcast below:

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“Slow Horses”: Review Podcast

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There are times when a singular aspect of a movie or TV series makes it all worthwhile.

Even though this six-part Apple TV+ series about MI5 spy agency is most engaging and watchable, the performance of Gary Oldman takes it to another level.

He’s the head of Slough House, where, for one reason or another, the agency has parked agents who have messed up or the powers in charge just want out of HQ.

Oldman’s character is a drunk.

He smokes too many cigarettes.

He is flatulent.

He constantly denigrates those who work with him.

But he’s a most astute operative, and I, for one, couldn’t get enough of him. It’s a master class in acting.

For more on “Slow Horses,” listen to my podcast below.

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“Everything Everywhere All At Once”: Film Review Podcast

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Dysfunctional family dynamics.

Mother/ Daughter. Wife/ Husband. Daughter/ Father.

Characters living in multiple universes at the same time.

Kung Fu Fighting.

All of which weirdness commences during an IRS audit, with an agent named Deidre Beaubeidre out for her exaction.

Sound like something you might not have experienced before in the movie house?

Believe it.

For significantly more details, to figure out if it’s worth your time, listen to the podcast below:

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“The Square”: Film Review Podcast

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I jotted a note to myself when this movie won the Palme D’Or at Cannes, what, four or five years ago.

Which note is sitting in a stack of others, with the names of tens of other pictures in which I’m interested.

I finally got around to viewing “The Square” on Amazon Prime.

“The Square” is an ambitious film, with a couple of themes, both somewhat unrealized. How everyone should be treated equally, despite their station in life. And, the pretension of the art world.

It’s all focused on Claes Bang, who plays the curator of a contemporary art museum in Stockholm.

The film is entertaining.

Especially a couple of extended scenes, which I thought were brilliant.

For more, listen to my podcast below:

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“The Lost City”: Film Review Podcast

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Ah yes, this week’s Big Adventure.

There is one of sorts in this week’s film, but I, as I am wont to do, shall start with My Own Personal Big Adventure. (Which should have been apparent, since the previous sentence contains not one but two “I”s.)

Yours truly viewed this week’s film under consideration in an actual movie house. Where the aroma of corn popping in coconut oil greets one in the lobby. On a reasonably large screen, at least one significantly larger than those used for streaming here at Culture Maven Tower.

It’s twu, it’s twu.

Of course, I discuss that experience in the podcast below, along with a consideration of “The Lost City.”

The flick features Sandra Bullock as a writer of steamy romantic fiction, who gets kidnapped during a book tour. And Channing Tatum as the hunk who graces the covers of her series of books, and chases after to rescue her on a tropical isle. Where he is aided, at least for awhile, by The Brad.

For more info about this moderately entertaining romantic comedy adventure, do listen to the podcast below:

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“Deep Water: Film Review Podcast

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Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are man and wife.

They live in the rich uptown part of New Orleans.

They have a young daughter.

Whom mom pretty much ignores.

Because mom sleeps around. A lot.

Hubby knows. She knows he knows. Their friends know. They know their friends know.

How does it play out?

Well, for more on the movie, listen to my podcast below.

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“Godfather III”: Film Review Podcast

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OK, first of all, the third and far less well regarded of Francis Ford Coppola’s iconic trilogy has been renamed.

Because of criticism, awhile ago Coppola reedited the film, and renamed it, “Coda: The Godfather – The Death of Michael Corleone.”

Or something unwieldy like that.

Why did I go watch it?

Because March 15 marks the 50th anniversary of the release of “The Godfather,” which, along with its sequel from a couple years later is considered among the best movies ever created. Justifiably so.

But I wanted to revisit III, or whatever it’s called now, for a possible reassessment.

It’s available at Amazon Prime.

All is revealed in the podcast below:

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“Pass The Ball”: Film Review Podcast

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Here’s the oh so unique deal with this week’s film.

My podcast is twice as long as the two minute thirty eight second animation, “Pass The Ball.”

Since I’ve never really reviewed a film this short, it’s gotta be pretty cool, right? Have a great back story, yes?



Hint: It was created by forty animators from countries around the world, and took over three years to complete.


I sure hope so.

Click here to watch the video.

But listen to podcast below first to find out why:

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— c d kaplan

“On The Rocks”: Film Review/ Podcast

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They have collaborated before.

To some effect.

And, here they go again.

Talking about director Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray.

This time Rashida Jones is the younger woman paired with Murray.

Jones plays Murray’s daughter. She is married to Marlon Wayans, and has a couple oh so so so cute movie kids.

She is getting hints that hubby might be cheating on her.

Dad’s a smidge overbearing, and gets involved.

The other character is glossy NYC, in the land of the well off and artistic.

For more info, and the extent of my pleasure with this film (streaming at Apple TV+), listen to the incisive podcast below:

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“tick, tick . . . Boom”: Film Review Podcast

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Rare is the film, given my obsessiveness and time in front of the screen, that I see a film knowing nothing about it.

Yet, such was the case with this bio movie musical starring Andrew Garfield, who has justifiably been nominated for a Best Actor statuette.

Here he portrays the sadly departed Jonathon Larson, the creator of “Rent,” which those really in the know believe to have been groundbreaking musical theater.

The unbelievably well-edited movie is directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, for whom Larson was an idol of sorts.

“tick, tick . . . Boom” is full of energy from the start.

I was mesmerized.

For more reasons why I highly recommend this movie, listen to my podcast below:

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“Greener Pastures”: Film Review Podcast

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So my main purpose here is to hip you to the annual Louisville Jewish Film Festival, which is, thank you Omicron for better or worse, virtual again this year.

Meaning you can view these intriguing films in the comfort of your own home. So, that’s cool.

Which Dov, the centerpiece of “Greener Pastures,” cannot do, because he’s living in a retirement community, after his pension fund went belly up, and he has no money to buy back his home, which he desperately desires to do.

Then he hatches a plot to sell marijuana, available sorta easily to seniors in Israel, and earn the moolah necessary.

Of course, impediments present themselves as the plan unfolds.

You can learn all the details about the festival itself by clicking on this link.

You can learn more details about “Greener Pastures” by listening to my podcast below:

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“Wild Rose”: Film Review Podcast

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Rose-Lynn (Marvelous Jessie Buckley) spent a year in jail.

Which didn’t diminish in the least her desire to move to Nashville, and become a country music star. She’s got a great voice, but . . .

. . . she lives in Glasgow, Scotland.

. . . she has two kids, who have been living with her disapproving mother (Julie Waters).

. . . her irresponsibility keeps getting in her way.

It’s a story that could have been really trite, but thanks to Nicole Taylor’s screenplay, Tom Harper’s direction, and especially the performance of up and comer supreme Ms. Buckley, this small film really works.

For more info, listen to my podcast below:

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