“Vengeance”: Film Review Podcast

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BJ Novak wrote it.

BJ Novak directed it.

BJ Novak stars in it.

“It” is “Vengeance,” a somewhat fascinating take about what happens when a NY literati type, full of smug prejudices about the Heartland and its people, finds himself in West Texas at the funeral of a former hook up he hardly remembers.

Apparently the young woman, character named Abilene, had been telling her family that she and Novak’s character were a thing. Then she OD’ed in an oil field during a party. But her brother believes she’s been murdered, demanding that Novak help him track down the killer.

Interesting observations, an increasing sense of humanity and some humor ensue.

For more details, and what I think of the film, listen to my podcast below.

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