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Needing as I often do these days, a sweet and funny movie, I went back to “Babe,” which I loved when seeing it in a movie house at the time of its release in 1995.

It’s now available at Amazon Prime.

Do not be deceived by general description below. This is not just a story for kids.

It was nominated for the Best Motion Picture Oscar after all.

Babe is a pig, won at a fair by Farmer Hoggett (James Cromwell). Babe finds himself in new environs, and must adapt to the cast of characters, who are the other animals on the farm.

Caveat: Ferdinand the Duck might make you laugh so hard you fall out of your seat. Literally.

Babe thinks of himself as a border collie.

Oh, there’s no reason to go into plot points and all that.

This is  as charming and smile-inducing as a movie can get.

I loved it as much this time around, as I did the first.

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