“The Lost City”: Film Review Podcast

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Ah yes, this week’s Big Adventure.

There is one of sorts in this week’s film, but I, as I am wont to do, shall start with My Own Personal Big Adventure. (Which should have been apparent, since the previous sentence contains not one but two “I”s.)

Yours truly viewed this week’s film under consideration in an actual movie house. Where the aroma of corn popping in coconut oil greets one in the lobby. On a reasonably large screen, at least one significantly larger than those used for streaming here at Culture Maven Tower.

It’s twu, it’s twu.

Of course, I discuss that experience in the podcast below, along with a consideration of “The Lost City.”

The flick features Sandra Bullock as a writer of steamy romantic fiction, who gets kidnapped during a book tour. And Channing Tatum as the hunk who graces the covers of her series of books, and chases after to rescue her on a tropical isle. Where he is aided, at least for awhile, by The Brad.

For more info about this moderately entertaining romantic comedy adventure, do listen to the podcast below:

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