“Greener Pastures”: Film Review Podcast

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So my main purpose here is to hip you to the annual Louisville Jewish Film Festival, which is, thank you Omicron for better or worse, virtual again this year.

Meaning you can view these intriguing films in the comfort of your own home. So, that’s cool.

Which Dov, the centerpiece of “Greener Pastures,” cannot do, because he’s living in a retirement community, after his pension fund went belly up, and he has no money to buy back his home, which he desperately desires to do.

Then he hatches a plot to sell marijuana, available sorta easily to seniors in Israel, and earn the moolah necessary.

Of course, impediments present themselves as the plan unfolds.

You can learn all the details about the festival itself by clicking on this link.

You can learn more details about “Greener Pastures” by listening to my podcast below:

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