“That Man From Rio”: Film Review/ Podcast

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So, who is on your list of the coolest dudes ever to appear on the Silver Screen?

Cary Grant? Of course, in that suave sort of way.

Paul Newman? I’ve seen women melt at the mere mention of his blue eyes.

Steve McQueen? Oh yeah. Even if he was in “The Blob.” Or, maybe, because he was.

And, one guy’s opinion, Jean-Paul Belmondo.

The dude had it.

He passed away last week.

So, I wanted to watch at least one of his films. Which I have, “That Man From Rio.” And hope to savor more.

Did the ’64 action/ adventure hold up, after all these decades. Was Belmondo as danged hip as I remember?

Bonus Tease: What’s Steven Spielberg’s connection to the French film?

All is revealed in my podcast below:

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