“Zola”: Film Review Podcast

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So, after a couple step backs, when I was apparently not quite ready to venture to my favorite movie house — Baxter Theaters — I took the plunge.

Comforted by the sight of a couple of staff members who worked there 16 months ago before the COVID, it felt right.

The experience felt somewhat unique. The movie, “Zola,” is indeed one of a kind.

It’s the first ever, or so it is said, developed from a series of tweets.

Zola (Taylour Paige), a stripper/ waitress, meets Stefani (Riley Keough) at the restaurant. The next day, at the latter’s insistence, they’re off to Florida with a couple of fellows, intent on making $5 Gs a night, pole dancing.

Zola finds herself in a heap o’ heap. Stefani has pulled her into a lair of unexpected misadventures.

For more details about “Zola,” a movie I really liked and thought distinctive, listen to my podcast below.

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