“1971 The Year Music Changed Everything”: Film Review Podcast

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I was in the middle of it.

More or less.

All the chaos and change that was the counter culture in 1971.

As an idealistic, self righteous new attorney, trying to quell the world’s ills, while consuming as much rock and roll as possible.

Who dropped out for awhile from the courthouse scene to, uh, drive a Gracie Maid ice cream truck. Then return, when a bit more prepared for adulthood. Such as it was.

So, I’m alway interested in these looks back at what we refer to as “back in the day.”

This one on Apple TV has lots of new, previously unseen footage, if not a lot of focus. The latter of which trait may actually be appropriate for the subject matter.

For more insight and details, listen to my podcast below:

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2 Comments on ““1971 The Year Music Changed Everything”: Film Review Podcast”

  1. 1 Edward said at 5:07 pm on May 27th, 2021:

    Thank you, 1971 was the year I became alive to the world through the arts, especially music that did in fact change the world. Making a list of people making music in every genre of music would be huge, and, those said artists that inspired countless others for the next nine years. Once again, thank you. EP

  2. 2 Rhonda said at 7:32 pm on May 29th, 2021:

    Remembering 1971 when we were living on the same block of Everett Avenue and hanging out together sometimes. Yes, music changed everything in 1971. Last night, I watched The Last Picture Show, filmed in 1971, and believe it is a classic that brought similar lasting changes to the film industry.

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