“Statues, This is What We Stand For?”: Film Review/ Preview

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In these current, too contentious times, when society seems to be questioning, oh everything, public monuments, public art and statues are being especially scrutinized.

They have become flash points for societal discourse.

Eminent Louisville documentarian Morgan Atkinson examines the whole phenomenon in his expertly crafted effort, “Statues, This is what We Stand For?”

The one hour film airs on KET this coming Monday, April 19. And will stream after that at Facebook Premiere.

Make a note to watch. It will be well worth your time.

For significantly more information about this entertaining and illuminating documentary, listen to my podcast below.

(It will also be worth five minutes of your time, even though my hackneyed diction adds a “t” at the end of my pronunciation of  the word “statues” a couple of times.)

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