“Fauda” & “Call My Agent”” Film Review Podcast

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Gregory MONTEL (Gabriel Sarda), Camille COTTIN (Andrea Martel), Thibault DE MONTALEMBERT (Mathias Barneville), Liliane ROVERE (Arlette Azemar)
Validée : Liliane ROVERE, Thibault DE MONTALEMBERT, Grégory MONTEL, Camille COTTIN
Validée : Michel FELLER, Harold VALENTIN, Cedric KLAPISCH

“Fauda” and “Call My Agent,” two TV series available for streaming on Netflix, are totally different.

Except that the core theme of both is tension. But seriously dissimilar fashion.

“Fauda” is an even handed Israeli series that portrays the violent ongoing combat between Hamas and the counter intelligence apparatus attempting to thwart it.

“Call My Agent” centers on a boutique Paris agency, which represents many of France’s top stars, a lot of whom appear in various episodes, playing themselves.

For a much more detailed look at these endeavors, and why I would bundle them, listen to the podcast below.

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One Comment on ““Fauda” & “Call My Agent”” Film Review Podcast”

  1. 1 Robert Klein said at 5:45 pm on February 10th, 2021:


    Nice review. We’ve watched all of the seasons of Fauna as they came out, and you hit the nail on the head. Oy.

    Tense, disturbing, depressing but captivating with excellent acting. Looking forward to the next season but not sure when to expect it. “What so funny about peace, love and understanding?”

    Take care.

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