“Jimmy Carter Rock & Roll President”

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I’ve long cherished the tale of how my favorite band of forever — the Allman Brothers Band — helped save Jimmy Carter’s quest for the Oval Office.

He had just about run out of money during the primary season. So ABB held raising concerts to keep Carter’s bid afloat until he got more traction.

Well, it turns out that the 39th president was also a legit, diehard music buff.

And did what I’d do were I ever in his position. He had a whole bunch of concerts at the White House with performers he loved and admired.

Plus it turns out, he’s had lifelong close relationships with several iconic musicians.

It’s all set forth in this sweet and illuminating documentary.

Plus we learn that Carter may be even a more decent and caring president and ex-president than we thought we knew.

The movie’s been aired a few times on CNN, but I don’t know if any more are scheduled. But, for a few bucks, do yourself a favor and watch it at Amazon Prime.

For more insight, here’s the podcast:

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