“I’m Your Woman” & “The Professor and the Madman”: Film Review/ Podcast

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Rachel Brosnahan stars in I’M YOUR WOMAN
Photo: Wilson Webb/Amazon Studios

These movies are nothing alike.

Yet they do have a commonality, which is why I’m reviewing them together.

And I also figured, what the hey, give my listeners/ readers a twofer to end the year as a holiday gift.

Julia Hart’s “I’m Your Woman” stars Rachel Brosnahan as a housewife on the lam, when her outlaw hubby gets in a jam and puts her in peril.

“The Professor and the Madman” is essentially a true story, set in the late 19th C, about the development of the Oxford English Dictionary, and two fellows who were major contributors. They’re played by Mel Gibson and Sean Penn.

What the movies have in common — other than that I’ve viewed them in the last few days — are great setups which intrigued me.

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