“The Forty-Year-Old Version”: Film Review Podcast

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There are more than a few of us who get to “middle age,” say the cusp of our fortieth birthday, and wonder what life has in store?

Such is the conundrum for Radha, the centerpiece of director/ screenwriter/ star Radha Blank’s film debut.

It’s streaming on Netflix.

The character Radha was an up and comer a decade earlier, and now she finds herself teaching HS drama to make her rent. Archie, her bestie from HS (Peter Kim) is her agent and is trying this best to get one of her plays staged.

Radha is also considering the world of hip hop, a musical genre for which she has a legitimate affinity.

She’s also dealing with grief from the death of her artist mother.

The black and white film set in NYC is often funny, sometimes awkward and significantly insightful. And full with many minor but craftily designed minor characters.

For more insight and info, listen to the podcast below.

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