“Amélie”: Film Review/Podcast

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Over the last several months, the hints kept mounting that I should go back and rewatch Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s romantic fable from 2001, starring Audrey Tautou.

So, I finally did last night, at HBO On Demand.

And, oh my, it’s even better than I remember, confirming why I’ve always considered it one of my twenty or so favorite movies.

Amélie, a waitress in a Montmarte bistro, takes to being an angel of sorts, helping those around her to move beyond their boundaries. She comes in contact with all sorts of interesting folks.

Along the way, she finds love of her own. I mean, you know, this is a French flick, right?

Plus it all takes place in the Paris of our dreams.

For significantly more insight into this film, which comes with my highest recommendation, listen to the podcast below:

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