“An Easy Girl”: Film Review Podcast

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There is a continuing strain in French cinema of films that contemplate the obsession of men with young sensual women.

On its face, Rebecca Zlotowski’s new release, “An Easy Girl,” falls squarely within that genre.

To be sure, that element is present here.

But this movie is really the coming of age story of Naima (Mina Farid), who has just turned 16 and lives modestly with her mother, who is a maid at a tony hotel in Cannes. Naima intends to spend the summer, figuring out what she wishes to do in life.

She is visited by her very sexual, devil may care, 22 year old cousin, Sofia (Zahia Dehar), who soon takes up with a rich Brazilian with a big yacht. Naima tags along, and mostly observes. And starts the maturation process.

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