“Da 5 Bloods”: Film Review Podcast

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Spike Lee’s movies have evolved into event releases, even though his stridency about race relations in America turns off as many moviegoers as it does those who appreciate his perspective.

If his latest, “Da 5 Bloods,” released Friday on Netflix, is not the the definitive film for our plate-shifting times, it is most certainly redolent of our country’s culture in this tumultuous era.

Is it just about four fellows who served together in Nam, returning decades later for the bones of their leader and the possibility of a fortune in gold?

Of course not.

Among other things, it features a career-defining performance by Delroy Lindo.

Along with a soundtrack by Terrence Blanchard, and more important, the insistence of Marvin Gaye’s seminal album, “What’s Going On,” the latter of which informs the entire movie.

But there’s oh so much more, which you can hear about when listening to the podcast below.

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— c d kaplan


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One Comment on ““Da 5 Bloods”: Film Review Podcast”

  1. 1 SmartGuy said at 9:38 am on June 15th, 2020:

    Wars never end. Race wars, civil wars, world wars. We are still fighting the War in Vietnam, WWIi, Korea and our own Civil War. Physical wounds heal but emotional wounds rarely do. Wars never end.

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