Drinking a Mounds Bar: Coping With Today

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First in a series of musings about life changes big and small our new reality has wrought. 

Fashioning a drink that tastes like a candy bar was not something I’d considered when this whole staying at home thing was covid-forced upon us.

And I’ll get to how I came to a satisfying if strange concoction of sorts soon enough.

Getting there is somewhat serpentine. My default way.

Being a fellow with daily rituals, long held habitual behavior, and someone fairly comfortable with my own company, coping with our new reality has likely been less onerous for me than most.

Which isn’t to say, I’d love do lunch, head to the moviehouse and the ballpark, and, you know, interact up close and personal with other human beings.

Anyway, like most, I’ve developed some new methods of coping with the required insular lifestyle this pandemic has caused.

I’m exercising more. A good thing.

I’m obsessing about food more. Not such a good thing.

So finding ways of satisfying my eating compulsions has been a priority.

So far. So good. I haven’t gained an ounce. Even with the occasional foray to Impellizzeri’s Pizza for curbside,

I am not a chocoholic, though, like freshly made croissants and one’s favorite pizza, there are times when we gotta have some, right?

I am still lamenting there was no JazzFest this year, and, among the many reasons, is missing AJ’s sublime chocolate sno-balls. I have been known to consume two or more, usually more, every day at Fest.

So, it was a real find, when I recently discovered Hershey makes a sugar free chocolate syrup. The calorie count is relatively miniscule, and the taste satiates, if it’s not exactly the ultimate chocolate experience. Ghiradelli, no. But it works.

So, I’ve fashioned a couple of treats.

The first is a ginger egg cream. A few ounces of unsweetened almond milk. A healthy shot of that chocolate syrup. And a Diet Vernor’s.

It is, for me, heaven. Chocolate. Carbonation. A hint of bite.. And, addict as I am, a daily afternoon ritual.

As an earned treat after exercise, understand?

OK, now, drinking a Mounds Bar.*

*Which, let me be honest, is not my favorite coconut candy bar. That would be Almond Joy. But I have no almond extract, so, one does with what one has.

Another libation I’ve taken to is bai Molokai Coconut Antioxidant Cocofusion®.

Forget the drink’s purported health benefits, it tastes good.

So, and I suppose you understand, where this is going, one afternoon I hit the bai with a big shot of chocolate.

My immediate thought: “This tastes like a liquid Mounds Bar.”

And, well, that’s it.

Not the most interesting of tales, I realize. Plus, truth be told, I like the egg creamy thing a lot better. But the “Drinking a Mounds Bar” thing was a better hook.

What I believe is necessary to survive these strange and perilous times is to savor every pleasure of every day, no matter how small.

There might also be a lesson here: Experimenting is a good thing, whatever the outcome.

— c d kaplan

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