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This is the first in a series, called, duh, Cinema Rewind, of undetermined duration, in which I discuss movies from the past that I’ve just taken a second look at. 

There is something about the end of high school that’s the great dividing point in many peoples lives.

What has been prescribed for us through age 18 has now ended.

How does the ark of life turn from there?

It’s a fascinating subject to me, and there have been any number of films through the decades that have examined it.

It is the underlying premise of “Young Adult,” in which Mavis Gary (Charlize Theron), unhappy with her alcoholic life as a ghost writer in Minneapolis, decides what she needs to do is go back to her small Minnesota town, and win back her HS BF Buddy Slade (Patrick Wilson).

Even though he is married, happily. And he and his bride have just had a baby.

There’s more about the totality of the plot in the podcast below.

I want to make special mention here of a most poignant scene late in the film, one of many, when Mavis is having coffee with Sandra (Collette Wolfe), the sister of Matt (Patton Oswalt), a high schooler who meant nothing to Mavis when she was Queen of the Hop, but with whom she’s just spent the night, and you know.

Sandra put Mavis on a pedestal in high school, and, unhappy with her lot, she still idolizes her. The sad dynamic between the two is eminently true to life, and portrayed to perfection.

One’s heart goes out to Sandra, who longs to connect with Gary, in hopes of obtaining some sort of reflective glory, it would seem. And it is clear from Mavis reaction to a request from Sandra, that Mavis’s delusion of her own situation remains deep. Despite the failure of her ill conceived plan.

For more on the excellent “Young Adult,” listen to the podcast below:

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