“SXSW Short Films”: Film Review Podcast

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Surfing about for something to read or watch or listen to on my laptop while dining last night, I came across a site that’s posted a bunch of short film entries to that portion of SXSW.

I’ve watched three so far, and each in its own way is pretty spectacular. I shall delve further.

One is a story that completely touches the dynamics of twentysomething relationships and mother/ daughter relationships in eight minutes.

Another is a sweet three minute animated tale about Christmas longing. It won the Grand Prize even though the festival, like everything else, was cancelled.

And perhaps the most artistic, creative documentary I’ve ever seen. An eleven minute telling of the crusade that saved a thousand broken musical instruments in the Philly school system, called “Broken Orchestra.” Relatively dry topic, incredible filmmaking.

For further details where to find these gems, listen to the podcast below:

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