“The Assistant”: Film Review Podcast

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So, “The Assistant” arrived in town the same week that in a NY courtroom, Harvey Weinstein received the first of many guilty verdicts to come, one for rape.

Coincidence? I don’t know. But it’s a lede.

This film centers on a single workday of a young college grad, breaking into the entertainment business as the gofer/secretary of a mogul, whom she believes is a sexual predator.

We never see the guy, but hear him, and read a few of his emails.

This austere but very astute movie features Julia Garner as the assistant of the title. Her acting here is exemplary, underscored by her ability to project emotions and thoughts just by the looks on her face.

Besides the sexual harassment element, presented with power but subtlety, this also serves as commentary on office politics.

Kitty Green wrote and directed a searing yet understated contemplation of these most contemporary cultural issues.

For more insight into the movie, listen the podcast below. (Caveat: It was inadvertently recorded at a low level. You might need to turn up your volume.):

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