“The Gentlemen”: Film Review Podcast

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Before Guy Ritchie went off and married Madonna, then unmarried her, before he ascended to the A List of directors, which allowed him to sit in the chair for the Sherlock Holmes remake abominations, before all that, he jumped on the scene with some clever Brit crime capers.

One was “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels,” which was pretty good.

The other was the funny and engaging “Snatch,” a masterpiece of the genre, which I simply adore.

Well, he’s returned to the scene of the crime, literally and figuratively, with his current release, “The Gentlemen.”

It tells the tall tale of a bunch of too glib scoundrels, attempting to outdo each other to take over a huge pot growing and distribution operation.

For more details, and an assessment of “The Gentlemen,” listen to the podcast below:

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