“Queen & Slim”: Film Review & Podcast

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First time feature director Melina Matsoukas “Queen & Slim” addresses the dilemma, can a film which deigns to center on the racial divide in America also be entertaining, engaging and mainstream?

The bottom line answer is yes.

Though there is a bit too much polemic in the final third.

Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith play a couple who do not know each other out for dinner.

Their connection is fitful to non-existent.

As he is driving her home, they are stopped on a deserted street by an agitated policeman played by Sturgill Simpson. Because of the officer’s antagonism, the encounter spirals out of control, and he ends up accidentally dead.

The couple goes on the lam.

The film depicts their interactions with each other, and with those they meet along the way.

For more details and perspective, listen to the podcast below:

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