“Knives Out”: Film Review & Podcast

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So it all started, more or less, with Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, a guy who could figure out whodunit from the color of a speck of soap on hallway carpet.

Then came Agatha Christie and her two investigators who could figure out. Bombastic Hercule Poirot. And elderly Mrs. Marple, played to the hilt by Margaret Rutherford in the British film series of the early 60s.

Now, in an homage to Christie, we have Benoit Blanc, played with delightful relish, and a horrid but oh so charming southern accent, by Daniel Craig.

A family patriarch is discovered with his throat slit, the morning after the family gathered at his manor for an 85th birthday party.

Suicide? Murder? Enter private detective Benoit Blanc to figure it all out.

For more details, listen to the podcast below:

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