“Blinded by the Light”: Film Review & Podcast

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I am a prisoner of rock & roll.

Many have been the moments in my life that music has kept me calm, from first hearing the Volumes “I Love You” in the mid 50s to this very day when listening to the Tedeschi Trucks Band while doing stuff around the condo.

Too often the savage beast inside has roared.

But the Allman Brothers Band or Marvin Gaye or Carlos Santana or Van Morrison or Arlene Smith have been there to quell the angst.

So, it figures I’d be a sucker for a flick based on a true story about a Pakistani youth in England in the 80s, whose life is turned around for the better when he’s turned on to Bruce Springsteen.

The movie “Blinded by the Light” is cloying, full with treacle and trite sentimentality.

But it works, because it tells a true tale: A song, an album, a symphony, or simply resonant lyrics to a catching melody line can change one’s life. For the better.

For more details on the film, listen below:

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One Comment on ““Blinded by the Light”: Film Review & Podcast”

  1. 1 William Higgins said at 7:02 am on September 29th, 2019:

    Hey Chuck,

    Enjoy your work! Saw you from a distance the other night at The Mavericks. Wanted to say hello, but you were engaged in conversation.

    That said, I think that you would enjoy a quirky little film The (Peanut Butter Falcon), which is currently playing at The Village 8 Theaters – possibly only through this upcoming Thursday.

    The Clint Eastwood question is: Are you willing to gamble the requisite $3.00 investment on a recommendation from a unknown source?

    All the best – Go cards,
    Bill Higgins

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