“Booksmart”: Film Review and Podcast

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Not all teen movies are the same.

Certainly not “Booksmart,” the engaging directorial debut of Olivia Wilde.

It’s the last day of high school for BFFs Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever (Amy and Molly in the flick, though their real first names should have been used.)

Much is revealed to them as they let loose for the first time in their teen years. Especially how they’ve misjudged many of their peers.

Which is to say that this flick is not only funny and entertaining, but also full of insight.

For more detail, listen to my podcast review:

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One Comment on ““Booksmart”: Film Review and Podcast”

  1. 1 Rebecca Jean Henderson said at 9:22 pm on May 29th, 2019:

    So glad to find this Culture Mavin website!!!!
    I had always loved your film reviews and then had lost you on the radio and in Louisville. Don’t know if I have seen you since we were in a Western airport

    Glad to hear your voice and your excellent way of reviewing films.

    Oddly enough just last week as I was preparing my playlist to teach my 5rhythms class Friday at St Matthews Episcopal Church ……I was listening to Michelle LeGrand and including his amazing music and as if I had turned on a radio from the past I heard you talking about film soundtracks and Michelle LeGrand ..The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Young Girls of Rocheforte and your appreciation …I opened my mind to that clear audio memory and wondered where you were… I was busy and did not Facebook you…just a sweet wondering question…and tonight I was gifted with your Culture Maven just after listening to NPR and the interview with Scott P from 60 minutes and CBS and his new book.
    You are in that category of reporter on culture for me.
    That wave brought you onto my shore tonight.
    Thank you

    Rebecca Conyers Nixon Henderson
    You have known me through all of these names and even Becky probably.

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