“Private Life”: Film Review Podcast

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When you have actors who are at the top of their considerable games — like Kathryn Hahn and Paul Giamatti — and a writer/ director like Tamara Jenkins with a firm grasp of her purpose, even the mundane can become special.

So it is withe the independent film, “Private Life,” observing the far from razzmatazz tale of a literate NY couple with fertility issues and their quest for parenthood.

The emotions, conversations, relationship twists and turns are all very real here. So much that, as close as they feel to actual life, they prove revelatory.

This is a slice of life film, devoid of contrivance. It’s also quite funny.

The characters and the exigencies of their daily lives fascinate, simply because of the craft of the filmmaker and portrayers.

There are several visuals that are so subtly resonant, including a final one shot without dialog. Which may be the best final shot I’ve seen in a long while.

For more on “Private Life,” available on Netflix, listen up:

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