“Bathtubs over Broadway”: Film Review & Podcast

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Every once in awhile, a movie has a title that is so unique and curious it reaches out and grabs you by the collar and screams, “See this movie. A S A P.”

A title as evocative as, say, “Bathtubs over Broadway.”

Every once in awhile, there’s a documentary that covers a fascinating subject, about which you more than likely had no prior knowledge.

A documentary about as unique a topic as, say, “Bathtubs over Broadway.”

If you are like me, you probably have never heard of the theater genre known as “industrial musicals.” Lavish singing and dancing, big budget stage productions meant to be seen once in front of a sales meeting for, say, Johnson & Johnson, or an annual meeting of Chevy dealers.

Well, they existed big time in the post WWII economy, and to some extent still do.

And, David Young, a comedy writer on the Letterman Show for years, became fascinated with this subgenre of the American stage in the 90s.

It became an obsession.

This illuminating and truly charming documentary follows his path as he learns more and more about this niche art, eventually tracking down those who created it.

“Bathtubs over Broadway” is funny and sweet.

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