“Green Book”: Film Review Podcast

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So what we have here — not “a failure to communicate” which is a line from a truly worthy film — is the flick that slipped away with the Oscar for Best Picture, much to the chagrin and disbelief of many.

That many includes critics, cineastes, Spike Lee, and a portion of mainstream movie goers.

There are lots of reasons why this was a surprising winner to many, and why there are legitimate plaints about the film’s worthiness.

Make no mistake, “Green Room” is not without charm, as trite and manipulative as it may be.

I found myself cringing — literally — at some of the scenes, all of which anyone above the age of, say, three years old, could see coming ahead of time.

I would call out to myself — quietly of course — are they really going there? To find out within moments, the answer was Yes. Always.

Nary a trope was left in the cutting room.

But, all that naysaying notwithstanding, I succumbed. And, really didn’t hate myself for enjoying it.

But, “Best Picture”?

Gimme a break.

My podcasted take on the film is more specific, nuanced, and, to be brutally honest, quite entertaining.

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