“Free Solo”: Film Review Podcast

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It would seem a given that “RBG,” the documentary about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, will win the Oscar for Best Documentary.

It is most excellent.

But, ever the contrarian, I would posit that there’s a better documentary nominated, about an achievement even more noteworthy than Justice Ginsburg’s ascendency to the highest court in the land.

Some of you may have heard of Alex Honnold, while many of you have not, or have but a vague notion of reading his name.

He climbs rocks. He climbs rocks better than anybody.

And he achieved something many in the know were sure would not ever successfully happen.

Without any ropes or equipment, using only his hands and feet, he climbed the most daunting rock on the globe, Yosemite’s El Capitan.

This taut film “Free Solo” documents his life, his preparation, and the climb itself. Which was filmed by a crew, world class climbers all themselves, tethered precariously on El Cap, as he ascended.

Though we know Honnold did it, it is to the filmmaker’s credit, that tension reigns anyway.

This is a captivating film putting on display what is arguably the greatest athletic feat ever.

It’s available on Amazon Prime, and perhaps elsewhere.

For further discussion, listen up:

Audio MP3

3 Comments on ““Free Solo”: Film Review Podcast”

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