“Tully”: Film Review & Podcast

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There are times when films deserve to be made, should be made, even if the subject matter is disturbing to many, even most. Even if the end product, no matter how well crafted, is not “entertaining” in the classic sense of the descriptor.

The new Diablo Cody-penned film starring Charlize Theron, is just such an endeavor.

“Tully” addresses a real life, every day, all too common issue; one I dare say I’ve never seen depicted realistically on the screen before.

Postpartum depression.

This movie is not a frolic. It has frankly caused some consternation among those who are intent in treating this very real issue.

It is not a comfortable film to watch.

But it is worthy, if only for peeling away some of the mystery and denial prevalent about this issue, which folks generally are loathe to recognize or even talk about.

For more on this thought movie, listen up:

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