“Red Sparrow”: Film Review & Podcast

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In my neck of the woods, her hometown, the release of Jennifer Lawrence’s latest film is always a thing.

Her recent efforts in some truly mediocre cinematic concoctions have been the only thing worth considering.

But there’s always hope, right?

In her latest, “Red Sparrow,” she plays an intense, revenge-minded former member of the Bolshoi  Ballet, who suffers a career ending injury and is then coerced into becoming an undercover operative for the government by her uncle.

Ms. Lawrence’s ever present acting chops are the only thing worthwhile in this otherwise convoluted, too often vicious, occasionally sensual, ever mediocre offering.

Is watching Ms. Jen work her thespianic magic enough for you to head to the movie house?

It was for me.

You’ll have to make that decision for yourself.

For a more in depth consideration, including a startling revelation of what Ms. Lawrence’s character and your truly share in common, listen below:

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