“1945” & “Let Yourself Go”: Film Festival Previews

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There are any number of interesting film festivals that play Louisville through the year.

Since they give cinemaniacs a chance to view films we wouldn’t otherwise see, they are all worthy.

One of my favorites — essentially because the powers that be give me access to the movies in advance and request reviews — is the Jewish Film Festival.

And, there’s of course the joke I pull out every year, a play on an old Levy’s rye bread advert, the Jewish Film Festival isn’t just for Jews.

You can see a synopsis of each film and schedule of the whole schmear here. 

Two I viewed that especially grabbed my attention are “1945” and “Let Yourself Go.”

The former is a fascinating. visually elegant black and white movie set on one day in a Hungarian village at the end of WWII, when a couple mysterious men arrive by train with two wooden foot locker-sized crates, setting the town atizzy.

The latter is a free spirited Italian romantic comedy about a psychotherapist who needs exercise and thus meets a free spirited personal trainer. Cockamamie ensues.

Check out the above link for the full festival schedule.

For more insight on these two movies including date and time of showing and venue, listen below:

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