“The Commuter”: Film Review & Podcast

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Film lovers out here in the Heartland understand that many of the award quality films don’t find their way on to the screen in their town until January of the following year.

It’s Hollywoodland’s way.

So it is this season with “The Post.” And “Call Me By Your Name.” And “The Phantom Thread.”

All of which, like most movie buffs, I was anxious to see.

Well, truth be told, not that anxious frankly.

Which is why on the day the latter two of those heralded releases opened in my town, I instead went to see Liam Neeson in his latest action adventure, “The Commuter.”

Wha, uh, why, ahem, is he crazy, has c d k finally slipped fully into his dotage? What gives?

Legit questions all.

For the answers, as well as to be seriously entertained, click the play button below. All shall be revealed.

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