“I, Tonya”: Film Review & Podcast

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So, Allison Janney won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of figure skater Tonya Harding’s abusive mother in “I, Tonya.”

Thus, many moviegoers unfamiliar with the peculiar curiosity that was Harding’s flirtation with Olympic glory and rivalry with Nancy Kerrigan, are now saying to themselves, “Uh, well, I guess maybe I should see this film.”

The movie does have its charms, other than Janney’s charismatic and admittedly spot on portrayal.

The film is mostly, for me anyway, a case study of Harding’s difficult upbringing, her talent and quest to feel good about herself and be accepted in the world figure skating community. It’s a sad tale really. So I had some issues with the scenes in the film played for condescending laughs.

But, all in all, so odd is the whole affair and how Harding has dealt with it in the aftermath, that they are worthy of consideration despite the filmmaker’s arguable choices in rendering them.

Margot Robbie energetically portrays Harding.

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