“All the Money in the World”: Film Review & Podcast

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“All the Money in the World” is, on its face, the generally true tale of the kidnapping and rescue of J Paul Getty III, the grandson of the then richest man extant.

It is also about greed, how the addiction to accumulation of wealth skews family dynamics, and, from a process standpoint, how to reedit and shoot a movie weeks before it is to be released.

Getty the family patriarch was originally played by now disgraced Kevin Spacey. When he became persona non grata in Hollywoodland, he was replaced in the movie by Christopher Plummer.

That director Ridley Scott and his editors intertwined the original scenes and newly shot ones is the essence of cinematic craft.

So too the performances of the leads. Christopher Plummer is a marvelous cranky Getty the elder. Michelle Williams as the kidnapped’s mother is her usual exemplary self in her first truly adult role.

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